The Outdoor Microfibre Consortium

An industry response to the microfibre challenge

The Microfibre Challenge:

As an industry, we have for some time been aware of the fact that in the field of marine/ocean research, microfibres are being increasingly identified as a major source of ocean pollution.  As well as being damaging to wildlife, there are concerns that they are entering the food chain through the ingestion by aquatic life, such as plankton, and are potential carriers for other harmful chemicals. 

The Outdoor Microfibre Consortium:

Information on this complex area is very much in its infancy, and there are a number of huge gaps in knowledge making it difficult to innovate in this area.  As a result of this, The Outdoor Microfibre Consortium has been formed, a collaborative approach to address, and align on the emerging need for a better understanding of microfibre pollution. The ultimate aim is to develop a better understanding of microfibre shedding and to work towards concrete, industry based solutions.

Consortium purpose and intent:
Through collaboration, pooling of resources, and supplier engagement, brands have the potential to achieve more knowledge, in a much shorter time scale, to answer the same fundamental questions faced by everyone. It presents the opportunity to align as an industry and reduces the possibility of repetition of research, and the associated waste of time and resource.  

The consortium aims to address the microfibre challenge though activities in strategy, integrity, research, and product development.

Consortium members: The Commitment
Upon joining the consortium members become involved in the discussion and decision making regarding the projects that are undertaken by the consortium partners. They also receive results and data before it is made public. This provides the opportunity for brands to be proactive in the research and solution finding, and at the same time allows the research to be more extensive, and to progress to levels of understanding that would be unattainable alone.